Quality Cedar Products Cut by the inch

Our cedar panels can be used for closet liners, V-paneling and flooring. Our dehumidification chamber dries the cedar perfectly to maintain the wood’s natural scent, fiber texture, and color.

Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana)is extremely resistant to and repels many types of pests, such as rodents, roaches and termites. Please take note that most cedar products on the market are Western Cedar. Our Eastern Cedar products offer better durability and insect repellance. Not even carpenter bees will bore into our wood!

Red Cedar is not only a beautiful, durable wood, but it also has an AMAZING scent! This type of wood was commonly used by noblemen, royalty and Native Americans (Cherokee Indians) in both modern and Biblical times. All of our wood is hand-selected premium grade planed Red Cedar. Our flooring, trim, and lapsiding products can be used for closet liners, churches, basements, garages, tiny homes, log homes, tree houses and much more.

We also sell Cedar Siding products to fit your needs. There are an assortment of Cedar Shakes in various shapes and sizes available for your selection. Lap siding is also available in our store.

Our Pine is made of high quailty SPF sustainable lumber.

Our Products can be used for interiors and exteriors. Use as Siding, Paneling, Flooring, and more!

For more on sizing, please check out our Products section, where you can purchase the exact lengths you need, shipped to you for free (on most orders over $89.00).