We are the FIRST COMPANY to Offer 1/2″ Eastern Red Cedar Closet Liner Sold by the Inch!

1/2″ Closet Lining



Trim Pieces & Boards


Some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere!

Our products are great for any structure, from tiny houses to log homes.

Red Cedar and Spruce Pine Lumber Cut to Order

All of our lumber is cut, dried and milled fresh to order, and finished with a number of different looks. We offer hand hewn looks, hand peeled looks, rough looks, and smooth. All while providing you with a rich, aromatic scent with no waste left over. Please note that when buying from competitors, you may not be getting fresh cut and milled wood. If you love the smell of cedar, insist on fresh cut!

Located in the North Georgia Mountains, we take great care in providing our customers with only the best quailty lumber products.

The Righteous Flourish Like the Palm Tree and Grow Like Cedar in Lebanon.
Psalm 92:12