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Save Time and Money with a Custom Cut Closet!

Now, instead of spending your time cutting and measuring the wood, you can simply order the size you need and it will show up ready to install! Not only will you spend less time preparing and cutting, but your installation time will be much shorter with perfectly cut 1/2 inch eastern red cedar boards.

Our All-Time Best Selling Product.

With our custom cut Eastern Red Cedar closet liners you can skip the measuring and cutting, because we do it for you!

At we are famous for many things like our fresh cut Eastern Cedar, our customer service as well as having the best Grade-A Eastern Red Cedar in the business.

However, what really put us on the map was an Idea our owner (Cedarman) came up with years ago. He started custom cutting cedar closet liners for his friends and family and eventually decided to offer the free service to everyone.

Insist on Fresh Cut Eastern Red Cedar!

All of our lumber is cut, dried and milled fresh to order, and finished with a number of different looks. We offer rough looks, and smooth. All while providing you with a rich, aromatic scent with no waste left over. Please note that when buying from competitors, you may not be getting fresh cut and milled wood. If you love the smell of cedar, insist on fresh cut! Psalm 92:12: “The Righteous Flourish Like the Palm Tree and Grow Like Cedar in Lebanon.”

Direct Shipping

We ship our most popular products directly to your house all over the USA.

Cut to Order

We are the only “cut to order” Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar sawmill.

Quality Red Cedar

We specialize in Aromatic Red Cedar and have the highest quality lumber.

Secure Transactions

Our website is safe and secure for your transactions with 256 bit encryption.

Red Cedar Cut for You is a family owned sawmill that specializes in Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar.

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